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In a public library or school: you do NOT need to login.

For Maine residents at home or any location with an Internet connection via one of two methods:

  1. Login using your last name and library barcode ONLY if it is from one of the MILS, Minerva, URSUS libraries or from Portland Public Library

  2. The other option is to login with your own MARVEL username and password. You can create an online login by selecting "Register here" below the login section. 

  3. University of Maine patrons (faculty, staff and students) can log in using their credentials by clicking on the link located on the bottom left labeled "Log in using your credentials". 





Here's a custom Google search engine built for this project:


Students have a link saved to their Google account's bookmarks bar. Log in at home to see these bookmarked folders. 

Go to:

Log in: [firstlast]


Mrs. Corinne Altham | Dora L. Small Elementary School | 87 Thompson Street | South Portland, Maine | 04106 | Tel: 207-799-7676