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Resources for 3D design at the elementary level

Welcome to 3D Design

Welcome to our 3D Design Page! Here you will find resources about 3D design and tools for creating.

3D Design Tools



These videos teach the how and the why of 3D design and printing. We are sharing them with students as part of this unit.

3D Design Challenges

Dyer Bling Challenge

Students in grades 3-5 have been challenged to design new prizes for the bling bucket as part of our PBIS program.This challenge offers the chance for students to design for specific people and for a explicit purpose.

Bubble Wand Challenge:

Learning Buddies are working together to design a better bubble wand. Students worked together to study a typical bubble wand to figure out why it works the way it works. Next they used paper shapes to design a new wand. They will use TinkerCad to design the final version and get it ready for 3d Printing.

Books We Used in this Unit