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Books, websites, and activities to get students ready for our annual trip to Bradbury Mountain.

Bradbury Mountain

Dyer Dragons are heading to Bradbury Mountain! Here are some resources to get ready for the trip.

Get started with this document of Information for Teachers and Chaperones.

Bradbury Books

These books are available in libraries through out the SPSD system. If you want one and it is not available at Dyer, please let Meg Blakemore or Judith Kurtz know. For more information about the book, hover your cursor over the title.

Bradbury Apps/Websites

Bradbury Challenges

While hiking with students, you can #challenge them to work their minds along with their bodies. Here are some ideas for some Bradbury Mountain Challenges.

  • Animal identification: Look for tracks or scat and try to identify the animal.
  • Plant identification: Try to identify plants by their leaves. Students can also pick up fallen leaves to study.
  • Photo story: Take pictures while you hike. When you return, use the Book Creator app to create a story about the trip. Your story can be fiction or nonfiction. For a great example of a wordless story using photographs, see Hank Finds an Egg.
  • Build a Fairy House or Gnome Home