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The South Portland School Libraries spent 2019 solidifying their mission "to ensure all students are effective and ethical users and creators of information in a changing world." The team completed the 21st Century Skills Guide for the Digital Learning Commons. It now contains resources for students and staff on each of the skills in our graduation standards. This work has moved the library department into representation on the 21st Century Skills Workgroup. Elementary and Middle School librarians participated on that committee reviewing the current ELT structure. 

As you will see from each school's reports, our staff, librarians and ed techs included, all participated in a wide range of professional development activities including coursework, conferences, and committee work. A number of us also presented at conferences or were published in professional journals. On-going professional development is vital for school library staff in order to stay on top of new resources and instructional technologies. 

This is our final year in our goal setting process. Our goals and progress in these areas is listed below. We are excited to embark on another cycle beginning with a program assessment using the new Maine Effective School Library standards next year.

Thank you for all of your support!

2016-2019 District Library Program Development

Goal 1: Public Relations
Increase outreach to families and community organizations with the intention of offering services, bringing valuable community resources to the school, and communicating the impact of school libraries on student learning.

Completed Action Items: Create common library web presence-Digital Learning Commons; Increased communication with public library; Presented at ACTEM & MASL conferences; Two librarians hold Board positions on MASL Board; Increased overall participation in professional organizations: ISTE, ACTEM, MASL, AASL, Southern Maine Library District, Maine State Library

Goal 2: Curriculum & Instruction
Support district initiative to integrate of 21st Century Skills & Information literacy throughout the curriculum through collaboration, consultation and direct instruction.

Completed Action Items: Created the 21st Century Skills Guide, presented at district professional development on 21st Century Skills, participated in the 21st Century Skills Workgroup, Completed writing learning targets for 21st Century Skills K-12, implemented direct instruction on 21st Century Skills including initiatives such as Genius Hours, Design Thinking, Makerspaces, Digital Literacy course, Media Literacy sessions.


Goal 3: Collection Development
Continue to develop our collections to reflect the Learning Commons model, keeping professionally selected print and digital resources that are easily accessible, align to curriculum, independent reading needs, and reflects diverse points of view.

Completed Action Items: Review district collection development policy; Increased access to ebooks and audiobooks through Overdrive, Tumblebooks, Tales to Go, and EPIC books; Implemented new informational resources such as PebbleGo Next and NewsELA; held K-12 library staff discussions and training on Intellectual Freedom and diversity in collections.