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To join Amara's Bat Club, write down some facts about bats. Write down where you learned those facts, too! Then bring the facts to library on your library day! Bat Club Members will get a special bat club membership token. All Brown School students and teachers can join the club! Thanks to Amara's Bat Club Founder Ms. Stanbro from Skillin School for this cool idea! 

Chickadee Awards Nominee

Author Emma Reynolds will video chat with second and third grade students on March 14, 2023. 

Sci Show Kids Video

Our World Video 

The Rarely Seen Nightlife Of Bats & Why They Are Vital For The Earth | Our World
49 minutes

Rescued Bat Eating A Banana

How is this bat's story different from Amara's bat? How is it the same? 



Epic has awesome books about bats, but it's only available at school. Ask Mrs. Altham if you need a teacher code. 


Echolocation Game from Cyberchase!

Bat Conservation Website

Maine Bat Information

Nat Geo Kids Video 

Cool Facts About Bats | Things You Wanna Know
2 minutes

Your Moment of Zen