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Resources for 2nd graders about biomes and habitats


Second grade friends learn about biomes, habitats and the animals that live there. These are some resources to help you with your research.


‚Äč1. Start with PebbleGo. Use the search box to search for your biome. As you type in the name of your biome, choices will come up. If you are doing savannas, search for grasslands.

2. Look in the box marked "General Resources." Click on the DK Find Out link. Choose your habitat to learn more.

3. Next try the resources from NASA. Click on the NASA box. Look at the list of biomes and find yours. Click on the link for a fact and description.

4. If you still need more information, use the links under each biome.

What is a biome?

What is a biome?

A biome is a part of the world. We categorize biomes by the plants and animals that live there. A biome might be made up of many habitats. Biomes are part of ecosystems.

Explore the links below to learn more about biomes.

What is a habitat?

What is a habitat?

A habitat is the natural home of a plant or animal.

Research Resources

General Resources

Start with:

Then use:

Next try:


Did you know that some deserts are cold? Where on earth can you find deserts? Use the links below to learn more about this biome.

Grasslands & Savannas

Who lives in the grasslands? Click on these links to find out!


What's a rain forest? It's just what it sounds like! Click these links to find out more.


Ponds are a type of freshwater biome. Freshwater means the water does not have salt in it. Who lives in a pond? Who lives near a pond? What kinds of plants grow there? Use these links to find out!