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Corinne Altham


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     Corinne Altham is the Library Information Integrator at Frank I. Brown Elementary School.  She has a Master of Science in Education with a focus on instructional technology. Mrs. Altham completed her Master of Library Science degree in December 2021. She loves to read, garden, cook, play music, and spend time with people. Mrs. Altham works at Brown School Monday through Friday. Parents and caregivers can follow the Brown School Library on Instagram @FrankBrownLibrary. 

Doug Hoyt


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     Doug Hoyt has served as a Library Ed Tech at Brown and Small Schools since February 2020. He has a background in teaching technology and audio engineering. He also works as a professional musician, performing as a solo artist and with bands. You'll find Mr. Hoyt at the Brown School library on Tuesday, Friday and alternating Wednesdays.