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Investigations Offline Math Games

These are games to play at home recommended by our Math Investigations curriculum.

Investigations Math

Online Math Games

Math Television Programs

Numberblocks - BBC program about numbers best suited for grades PK to 2

The Odd Squad - PBS program about math best suited for grades 2 - 5

Cyberchase - PBS program about math and science best suited for grades 1 - 3


Card and Dice Games

Math Stories and Discussion Prompts

Bedtime Math - This website encourages parents to have discussions about math with their kids.  Everyday they post a new math question to discuss. Click the pink “Today’s Fun Math” tab to access the daily question.  Each question has three levels, so the whole family can participate.

Math Before Bed - This website is a collection of picture prompts to inspire families to have  mathematical discussions. Click on the “Home” tab to access the prompts.