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Online resources approved for independent centers

When students visit the Skillin Library, they often have time to explore their interests independently though a variety of resources. This is a key opportunity for them to apply their learning in a low-stakes, play-based environment. Students may choose to use the time to read, explore learning apps and websites, make something out of simple craft materials, or use a wide variety of manipulatives carefully selected for their learning value and open-ended exploration. This page contains a selection of their choices and links to web sites that have been approved for independent learning.

Approved iPad Apps

Stop Motion

Suggested Websites


Hands On Learning

The Skillin Library is filled with a variety of hands-on learning materials for students: LEGOs, magnets, electricty kits, and much more. Here are a few of the favorites.

Scientific Specimens

Digital Microscopes

BeeBots & Sphero Indi

Arts & Crafts


Straws & Connectors