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Create a website that seeks to explain why folks would choose to live in Portland, Maine. Be sure to include how living in Portland affects how people live, work, and play.

  • LIVE: pictures and information about the city, landscape, views, restaurants, food, etc...

  • WORK: pictures and information about jobs/businesses

  • PLAY: pictures and information about recreational activities/fun

Learning Targets

Social Studies:


A. Understands where people live/settle influences how they work, play, and interact.




FF.  I can select and organize information for a research project.


HH.  I can use facts definitions, concrete details, quotes, or other information to write about a topic.

Work Habits/21st Century Skills:


J.  I can work respectfully with others.  


N.  I do my share of the work.



I can think and behave with a respect for the collective.



I can understand that certain modes are meant for certain audiences. (Be persuasive and convincing!)