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Book Bites Project


Problem: Kids don’t know what good beginning chapter books and transitional readers are sitting on the shelves. The covers just aren’t that exciting, so they just go for superheroes, Barbie and Start Wars. But there are lots of other “just right” books just waiting to be discovered.


Your mission: Identify a book or a series that is not as popular and create a “Book Bite” green screen video that will get a younger student interested in these books.


Week One:

  • Break into groups of 4.
  • Find a book or a series that is not very well known. (Avoid movie/tv/toy connections.)
  • Read it.

Week Two:

  • Use Google Docs to write a “book bite” script that includes:
  • Title
  • Author/Illustrator
  • Main Character
  • Setting
  • Basic plot points or interesting details
  • Ideas for background images

Week 3 & 4:

Use DoInk on the Library iPads to create your green screen video.

How Do Make a Book Bite Video

More Information on DoInk

Book Bite Script Template

Basic DoInk Directions

How to use Do Ink!

  1. Write a script.
  2. Choose background images and save them to the ipad Camera Roll.
  3. Use the ipad video app to make a video in front of a green screen. Save it to your Camera Roll.
  4. Open Do Ink. Create a project.
  5. Go to the middle + sign and import your video.
  6. Go to the bottom + sign and import your image.
  7. Make adjustments to the size of the video or image, add more scenes or layers, adjust Chroma key as needed.
  8. Save and name the project. Export it to your Camera Roll.
  9. Upload it to your Google Drive.