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Wow of the Week: Home

March 12-16

December 16-20

November 18-22

October 28-November 1

September 30-October 4

January 6-10

December 2 - 6

November 4-8

This is what learning looks like!

October 14-18

September 15-19

Have you ever found a sand dollar at the beach? Have you ever wondered how they live? Watch this video to learn more. And ask Ms. Stanbro to view some sand dollar specimens in the library.

February 10-14

We read about Inky the Octopus this week in library. Here is more information about these amazing creatures!

December 9-13

November 11-15

Check out this amazing Rube-Goldberg Machine. . . and very fun song.

October 21- October 25