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Ben's Guide to the US Government for Kids

A database from the Digital Maine Library. Information for students about the Federal Government created by the Government Publishing Office (GPO)

How the US Government Works-Book List


From the Digital Maine Library, Gale In Context is an elementary school database where you can search by subject for age appropriate news, magazine and reference content.  

*the first time you use this you may need to click on the Digital Maine Library Symbol in the upper right corner and then select GALE in Context Elementary again*

News for Grades 3-5. Login using Google Sign On. 

Civil and Political RIghts-Book List

Trusted Databases

Online subscription databases! PebbleGo is for lower elementary students, PebbleGo Next is for upper elementary. 

How to use PebbleGo & PebbleGo Next

From the Digital Maine Library: a K-3 Children's Encyclopedia. 


From the Digital Maine Library: a K-5th Grade Encyclopedia. 


Hope, Peace & Kindness-Book List