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Fall Research Course: Syllabus

Course Objectives

  1. Participants will understand the pedagogical rationale for inquiry-based research projects.

  2. Participants will connect rigor levels and 21st Century Skills to inquiry-based research projects.

  3. Participants will develop differentiated instructional strategies for implementing inquiry-based projects in the classroom.

  4. Participants will learn about the metacognition involved in the research process.

  5. Participants will understand how the library media specialist can be a valuable teaching partner for these inquiry-based projects.

  6. Participants will learn about technologies that can assist in implementing these projects.

  7. Participants will learn about sources of information for student research

Online Posting Schedule

Weeks 2-7

  • Read one chapter of the text.
  • On Google+: Share two quotes that are interesting to you and discuss. Also, respond to other’s posts. All posts are due Sunday by midnight.

Week 8

  • Online Resource or Technology Tool Deep-Dive: Choose a resource or technology tool that you would like to know more about and use with a class. Evaluate its usefulness.

Week 9

  • Try one of the strategies discussed and share your experience.

Schedule and Topics of Inquiry

(Subject to change)

  • 8/29: How do the 21st Century Skills and the Research Process relate to each other?
  • 9/13: What is the research process and how do you manage it?
  • 9/27: What are some research projects happening in the district that incorporate inquiry?
  • 10/3: How can technology be used to make inquiry-based research more accessible to students?
  • 10/17: How can we find the right resources to support inquiry? [Finding the Right Resources: Library Resources, Web Search Strategies, Online Databases, Evaluating Sources]
  • 11/7: How can we design projects that fulfill district curriculum requirements and incorporate the inquiry-based approach?
  • 12/5: What did you come up with?


30 pts: Class attendance & participation (5pts per class)

40 pts: Online reading response & discussion (5pts per post)

30 pts: Plan an inquiry-based research project with your Library Information Integrator and share your plans with the class.