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Scratch Game Project

Educational Game Design!

Fourth grade friends, you have been invited to design a game for your kindergarten buddies. This game will help students to learn one of two learning targets:

1) Understands (recalling/recognizing, labeling) more and less when comparing sets of objects.

    I can determine which set of objects has more or less items.

2) Is skilled at sorting, classifying, and categorizing objects using length and weight.

I can sort objects by how long they are or how much they weigh.


Here are some useful links:

We will be going online to code using Scratch. Here are some videos to help us think about our online communication.

I CAN communicate safely, effectively, and responsibly online. I know that ALL CAPS means shouting, how to use emoticons, and more.

I CAN keep my information private so I can be safe online. I know not to share my name, address, phone number, or any other personal information.