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Tips on viral marketing and tools for creating viral media


6 Things to Make Your Content Go Viral

1. Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

Content should have an ethical, emotional, or logial appeal.

2. Evoke emotion

Happy emotions outperform sad emotions.

3. Frame headlines positively

Positive stories get more clicks than sad ones.

4. Create a social currency, or inside language

Memes are the ultimate social currency. You either know them, or you don't.

5. Promise practical value

Like a top 10 list, or easy steps to accomplishing something. Like this list. Gotcha, didn't I?

6. Quality stories win

People love stories; and a good, surprising, or intriguing story will get more clicks. 


 "The Six Things That Make Stories Go Viral Will Amaze, and Maybe Infuriate, You" by New Yorker Magazine


"How to Make Something Go Viral: Tips from Buzzfeed" by The Guardian

"10 Tips for How to Make Something Go Viral" by Lifewire




Content Creation Tools

Infographic Creators

 Canva App

Canva App available on your IPad

 Tayasui Sketches App

Tayasui Sketches App available on your iPad. 



Book Creator App Available on Your iPad


List Making Tools

Visit to create an account and make your own lists and countdowns. 


Podcast Creators


Garageband App Available on Your iPad

Voice Recorder App Available on Your iPad


Video Apps

Touchcast Studio App Available on Your iPad


Website Creation



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