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Save the Amur Leopard




In fall 2016, Izzy and Olivia organized a bottle drive during Idea Lab with the goal raising money to helping endangered animals. They successfully raised enough money to adopt an Amur Leopard on behalf of the Mahoney Community through the World Wildlife Fund.


Amur Leopard

Amur Leopard at the Colchester Zoo by Keven Law via Wikimedia Commons.

Endangered Safety

Endangered Safety


Izzy and Hannah are working together on a blog all about endangered animals around the world. Their blog is called Endangered Safety.

Save the Slow Loris

Slow Loris


Izzy and Hannah organized a gift basket raffle at the 2017 Valentine's Day dance, and raised money to adopt a slow loris through World Wildlife Fund! Our plush slow loris, Kurti, lives on the biographies shelf in the library.

Harry Potter Fan Film

Jack in 6th grade wrote and directed this Harry Potter fan film.

Amazing Game Talk


Owen and Aiham created and wrote a video game review blog called Amazing Game Talk.

Love It, Protect It

Love it, Protect It


Bea, Quinnisa, and Tess are working together to write and design a blog all about the environment called Love It, Protect It.

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