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Students in the fourth grade who read and record five or more books before March 24th, 2023 will be invited to vote for their favorite at the Maine Student Book Award Party! To record books, see the MSBA form in the links box on the right side of this page.

The 2023 Maine Student Book Award party will be on March 29th during 4th grade lunch and recess. We will have pizza and the official dessert of the Maine Student Book Award party: Auntie Ellen's Strawberry Shortcake! 


Thanks to the Maine Student Book Award Committee for this virtual library! 



There are a few of you who are just ONE book away from getting your official invitation to the Maine Student Book Award party! Keep reading. Don't forget to look for Maine Student Book Award nominees in your classroom library, at the public library, on SORA, at bookstores, and in your friends' home libraries. Email Mrs. Altham with any questions 


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