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Study Tip

     Did you know? Research tells us that the best ways to study are not re-reading and highlighting, but using our brains to retrieve information! Using tools such as flashcards, quizzes at the end of chapter sections, and rephrasing key concepts in your own words are the best and most effective ways of studying. Next time you have a big test coming up, try these strategies instead! 


Resource List

Check out the Resources Page for help with general studying, and links to specific sites that will help you go for the four on your next test, quiz, or assessment! 


Checklist for Success!

Here are some helpful strategies to make sure that you are using your space, time, and energy effectively while studying!

  • PLACE   Where do you focus best? At home at your kitchen table? At the library? Pick a place where you can focus and not be distracted. Try a place where you've never studied before; you may find a new favorite study spot!
  • ORGANIZE   Do you have a system of organization that works for you? You can't study effectively if you can't find any of the materials you need! Try keeping organized with binders, folders, or digitally with Google Drive. 
  • PLAN   Do you know when your assignments are due, and when your quizzes and assessments are happening? Make sure to write down when key events and assignments are due in your planner, phone calendar, or iPad and check it often! Estimate how much time each project or assignment will take so you don't leave anything until the last minute. 
  • BREAK IT DOWN   Break down big projects, assessments, or homework into small steps. This will keep you from feeling overwhelmed, and able to finish in time!