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Purpose and Planning

When it comes to research, one of the hardest parts is trying to determine what to research. There is a whole universe of things to research, so how do you figure out where to start?

Sometimes, a teacher will give you a research topic, which will set you on your way. But other times, it will fall to you to determine what your research project will focus on.

If you follow along with Step 1: Purpose & Planning, you will be on your way to creating a thesis and planning out your research project.

How To Develop A Good Research Topic

Define the Research Assignment

Before choosing a topic or starting your research, make sure you understand your assignment. Think about:

  • Have you been assigned a topic or can you pick your own?
  • How many pages/words do you need to write? How long is your presentation?
  • Do you need to include specific types of sources  (book, encyclopedia, website,)?
  • When is the assignment due? How much time do you have to research?
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