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Evaluating Websites

Is the website you are using the best you can find? Is the information on the website true or not? Use the checklists below to help you decide! 


Part One: Looking at and Using the Page


  • Does the page take too long to load?
  • Are the pictures on the page helpful?
  • Are sections clearly labeled?
  • Did the author sign their real name?
  • Is there a date on the page that tells you when it was last updated?
  • Are there distracting advertisements?
  • Are there photographs or images on the page?
    • Can you accept these photos as true?
    • Are you sure the author did not change the photos in any way?

Part Two: What's on the Page and Who Put it There?


  • Does the title of the page tell you what it's about?
  • Is the information on this page helpful to you and your project? 
  • Would you have gotten more information from another source? (Encyclopedia, or database?)
  • Can you tell if the information on the page is current?
  • Does the author present information that you disagree with?
  • Does the author present information that you think is wrong?
  • Does any information contradict information you found elsewhere?
  • Does the author or organization who made the page tell you about themselves?
  • Do you feel that the author is an expert on the topic? 
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