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Students in Idea Lab worked on several projects! Jack wrote, directed and produced a Harry Potter fan film. Aiham and Owen created and wrote a video game review blog, Amazing Game Talk. Izzy, Hannah, and Olivia worked on several environmental projects including fundraising for the amur leopard and slow loris, launching an educational website called Endangered Safety, and creating a bee-friendly garden at Mahoney.



All students received instruction from Ms. Gartley on information literacy, including website evaluation, news and media literacy, and native advertising. Ms. Gartley created a Media Literacy LibGuide and collaborated with Mr. Brough to create a popular "Fake News" guide. Ms. Gartley also offered building-based PD on teaching research skills and evaluating sources, including news literacy. Ms. Gartley also presented on media literacy at Reading Round-Up and shared news literacy resources at the spring MASL event.


Mahoney Library displays were featured on BookRiot and Ms. Gartley's LGBTQ Education guide was featured on the AASL Knowledge Quest blog.