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About Indigenous Peoples' Day

Indigenous Peoples' Day is observed around the world on August 9th. The date was established by the United Nations in 1994.

In the United States, some states are considering changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day. Maine made this change in 2019 with LD 179: An Act To Change the Name of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day.

Read and learn more about the history of the holiday and the controversy around the issue.


Opposing Viewpoints

 Opposing Viewpoints is a database for high school students that offers differing perspectives on controversial issues. The links below lead to viewpoints on the Columbus Day Controversy.

What is Indigenous Peoples' Day?

Maine's LD 179

With the signing of LD 179, Maine changed the name of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day. Read more about the bill and how it became a law.

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