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Comics & Graphic Novels: Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions

  1. How did you experience this book? Was it exciting? Funny? Scary? Weird? Thought-provoking?
  2. Did you find the characters convincing? Are they believable?
  3. Which characters do you especially like or dislike? What are their primary characteristics?
  4. What motivates the character's actions? Do you agree with their choices?
  5. Do the characters grow or change? How so?
  6. Who in the book would you like to meet? What would you ask or say?
  7. If you were a character in this story, what would your role be?
  8. Is the plot well-developed? Does the story make sense? Did anything surprise you?
  9. Is the story plot or character drive? Is there a lot of action or more focus on the lives and feelings of characters?
  10. The ending: was it predictable or surprising? Was everything wrapped up or was the ending ambiguous?
  11. Can you pick out one part that you found especially interesting or profound?
  12. Does the book remind you of your own life? An event? A person - like a friend, family member, or teacher?
  13. If you could talk to the creator what would you want to know?
  14. Have you read other books by this creator? Are they similar or totally different?
  15. Do the words and pictures work together to tell the story? Or is the story more in either the words or pictures?
  16. Does the artist use traditional rectangular panels? Or are there stylized panels or none at all? How does this impact the story or mood?
  17. What do artistic or visual details tell you about the characters or setting?
  18. How are the panels framed? What is included? What is left out? Is the subject shown up close? Far away? Why do you think the artist made these choices?
  19. How does the artist depict time? Does lots of action happen panel-to-panel or are moments drawn out? How does this impact your reading experience?
  20. Are speech balloons, lettering, or sound effects used in a creative way? How does this impact the story?

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