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Spanish Dialects Around The World: How Spanish Varies From Country To Country

How Do Spanish Speakers From Different Countries Compare?

Spanish Words That Have Different Meanings

Spanish Word Common Meaning Other Meanings
Bocadillo Sandwich, snack
  • In Spain, bocadillo is a sandwich
  • In Cuba, bocadillo is a kind of sweet coconut treat
  • In Colombia, bocadillo is a sweet guava treat
  • In Uruguay, bocadillo refers to a small part in a play with only a few lines
Buzo Diver
  • In Costa Rica and Chile, buzo means sweatpants
  • In Argentina, buzo is commonly used to mean sweatshirt
  • In Guatemala, buzo means someone who is very good at doing something
  • In Venezuala, buzo is a man who stares at women
Chucho Common slang for dog
  • In Spain chucho refers to a mutt or stray dog
  • In El Salvador and Guatemala, chucho refers to a little dog
  • In Argentina, chucho is used to express that the weather is cold
  • In Mexico, chucho is a very skilled person
  • In Chile, chucho means jail
  • In Panama, Chucho is a nickname for the name Jesús
  • In Central America, chucho is someone who is stingy or cheap
Coche Car
  • In Guatemala, coche is a slang word for pig
  • In Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, and Peru coche describes a baby stroller
Fresa Strawberry
  • In Mexico, fresa is used to refer to someone who is acting superficial or conceited
  • In Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, guagua means bus
  • In Chile, guagua means baby
Rubia Blond
  • In  Uruguay, Paraguay, and Argentina rubia means beer (maybe because of the color)
Torta Cake
  • In Mexico, torta is a kind of sandwich
  • In the Philippines, torta is a kind of omelette


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