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Essential Learning Targets

I can describe strategies for protecting my privacy and security online.

21st CENTURY SKILL: Problem Solving

I can use explanations and evidence to share my ideas and feelings.

21st CENTURY SKILL: Communication


Vocabulary Quizlet

Cookies : Small text files placed on your device by the sites you visit that collect information about your device and your activity

Digital Footprint : All of the information online about a person, either posted by that person or others, intentionally or unintentionally

Invisible Audience : Anyone who can see information about you or posted by you online

Opt Out : To choose to not participate in something

Overshare : To reveal an inappropriate amount of detail about one's personal life.

Personal Information : Information that can identify someone.

Privacy : Protection from being observed or tracked by others, including the government, the public, or selected individuals or groups

Privacy Policy : A legal document that an app or website must provide and that describes what user information they collect and how they use it

Privacy Settings : Choices a website or app might give you about what information is visible to other users and third parties

Security : Protected from harm

Terms of Service : A legal document that an app or website must provide and that describes the rules the company and users must obey when they use the app or website

Adapted from Common Sense Media and Electronic Frontier Foundation

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