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Essential Learning Targets

I can brainstorm research topics, questions, and ways to find information.

21st CENTURY SKILL: Creativity

I can organize my notes and sources of information.

21st CENTURY SKILL: Critical Thinking

I can draw conclusions based on my research.

21st CENTURY SKILL: Critical Thinking

I can clearly communicate what I have learned for my teachers and classmates.

21st CENTURY SKILL: Communication


Check out the Mahoney Research Help LibGuide, an entire guide like this one all about the research process, including research questions, collecting information, taking notes, creating citations, and more!


Annotation : a note to add a comment or explanation

Bibliography : a list of the books, magazines, articles, websites, etc., that are mentioned in a text

Cite : to quote the words or work of someone else; to use a quote as an example to support an idea or opinion

Research Question : the question you seek to answer through your research project

Thesis Statement : a short statement that summarizes the main point of a research project and is developed, supported, and explained in the text by means of examples and evidence.

Adapted from Merriam Webster,, and

Developing a Research Question

MyBib Tutorial

Research Process

8 Essential Steps In Research Process

From Visually.


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Mx. Gartley is trying a new online citation generator:


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Process and Assignments

  1. Choose a topic
  2. Pre-search (find background information) *Formative
  3. Research question worksheet *Formative
  4. Collect information (use Note-taking Graphic Organizer) *Formative
    • Use
    • Answer these two questions for each source: How did this source help you answer your research question? And how do you know this source is reliable?
  6. SHARE LEARNING *Key Formative
    • Presentation or other form must include:
    • Topic or title
    • Research question
    • Thesis statement
    • At least three facts
    • Reflection
    • Bibliography

SUMMATIVE: Body of Evidence

Your summative will be based on all of your work in the research process.